Briefing seminar for TE performing assessment as per SRPS ISO/IEC 17025


On Monday, 24th May a briefing seminar for technical experts (TE) performing assessment in line with the requirements of SRPS ISO/IEC 17025 was held at the premises of the Accreditation Board of Serbia (ATS) when the candidates for technical experts were introduced to the accreditation process, ...

their role therein, rights and obligations, and performance monitoring system.

Lectures were given by Dejan Krnjaić PhD, ATS Director, on the subject of “Standards, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation”, Biljana Tomić, Head of the Division for Legal and General Affairs who spoke about “The Rules of Accreditation, Accreditation Process, Rights and Obligations of Technical Experts (TEs)”, and Natalija Jovičić Zarić MSc, ATS Deputy Director, that gave a lecture on the subject of “The Role of Technical Experts in the Process of Accreditation - Forms Used in the Assessment Process”.

Mr Krnjaić introduced the candidates to the legislation governing accreditation and conformity assessment, agreements and arrangements between accreditation bodies, regulations in the field of accreditation and conformity assessment, and the European Common Market and conformity assessment. During his lecture Mr Knjaić explained how important ISO IEC 17011 was for the uniform performance of accreditation activities worldwide, and how important it was to network and join international and regional organisations for accreditation. Furthermore, he emphasised that the key task of the ATS was to sign multilateral agreements (MLAs) so that the accreditation system in the Republic of Serbia could become a part of the world accreditation system.

During her presentation, Biljana Tomić explained to the future technical experts the accreditation process and introduced them to the Rules of Accreditation, and their role, rights and obligations, and performance monitoring system.

Natalija Jovičić Zarić MSc explained the role of technical experts in the assessment team, presented witnessing lists and other forms that are used in the accreditation process during on-site assessments, and explained in detail the aspects of assessment.