ATS Scope of Work

The purpose of accreditation is to determine the competence of conformity assessment bodies to perform the following activities:

  1. testing (including medical laboratories);
  2. calibration;
  3. inspection;
  4. certification of products, processes, and services;
  5. certification of management systems;
  6. certification of persons
  7. proficiency testing (PT providers).

In the Republic of Serbia, accreditation is voluntary, unless special (sectoral) laws have established that accreditation is mandatory.

The field of conformity assessment in which ATS performs accreditation is determined in document ATS-PA08, Scope of activity of ATS

ATS performs accreditation in keeping with the following documents:

  • Law on Accreditation (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 73/2010, 47/2021)
  • Serbian standards transposing international or European harmonized standards, that contain general criteria or requirements that need to be met by conformity assessment bodies for certain types/fields of accreditation
  •  mandatory documents such as guides for the implementation of European and international standards, and guides in the  field of accreditation and conformity assessment guides published by the EA, IAF, and ILAC 
  •  rules of accreditation.

Documents Containing Requirements to Be Met by Applicants for Accreditation and Accredited CABs are listed in ATS-UP01.

Conformity assessment bodies are under obligation to pay adequate accreditation fees in accordance with the signed contract stipulating mutual rights and obligations, and in accordance with the Charging Policy Document.