ATS Organs and Bodies

Organs of the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) are as follows: Management Board, Director and Supervisory Board.

The Management Board makes decisions on the ATS activities, defines the ATS policy and monitors its implementation. 

Members of the Management Board are as follows: Chair: Milan Ljušićgraduate in economics, Slaviša Lakićević, low graduate, member: Radovan Đalović, member; Vladan Lapčević, member: Ivan Duganđić, graduate Engineer of technology.

The Director shall manage the operation of ATS and shall be responsible for the legitimacy of the work and technical activities of ATS. 

 Prof. Aco Janićijević, PhD, was appointed as ATS Acting Director 

The Supervisory Board shall conduct surveillance into the legitimacy of the work of the ATS organs. The Supervisory Board is composed of: Tanja Petrović, law graduate, Chairman, while its members are: Branislav Raketić, Jovan Simić, graduate in economics, Svetozar Petrović and Boško Gavović.

Bodies of the Accreditation Body of Serbia are as follows: Accreditation Council and technical committees.

The Accreditation Council is a technical advisory body of ATS that provides professional opinions as regards development of the accreditation system, takes the initiative for the extension of the ATS scope of activities and take stands on other technical issues.  Renowned experts and scientists from fields relevant to the performance of activities falling within the competences of ATS are chosen to become the members of the Council as representatives of interested parties (public administration bodies and holders of public authorisations; faculties and institutes; companies, entrepreneurs, chambers, etc.; consumer associations; manufacturers’ associations; and accredited conformity assessment bodies).

Members of the Accreditation Council are as follows: Miloš Jelić PhD, Chair, memeber; and members: Mile Mitrović, prof. Vladimir Popović PhD, prof. Ivanka Popović PhD, Ljubomir Dimitrov PhD, prof. Snežana Janković PhD, prof. Zoran Punoševac PhD, prof. Ivan Gržetić PhD, prof. Miroslav Ćirković PhD, Jelena Pantelić Babić PhD, and Ana Mišović PhD.

Technical committees are technical bodies providing expertise required for certain fields of accreditation. ATS has three standing technical committees for different schemes of accreditation (laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies). Tasks of the technical committees are to: provide opinions on the implementation of requirements and documents of international organisations for certain schemes and fields of accreditation and conformity assessment; provide opinions on proposed EA, ILAC/IAF documents; provide assistance to ATS in extending the scope of its activities; participate in defining the assessor competence criteria in case of specific fields of conformity assessment; identify potential assessors, and provide assistance to ATS as regards recognition of inter-laboratory comparisons and other schemes.