Accreditation procedure

The accreditation procedure, as well as the rights and obligations of the participants in the process of obtaining and maintaining accreditation, are determined by the Accreditation Rules, ATS-PA01.

The accreditation process includes the following activities:

  • Submitting an Application for Accreditation;
  • Reviewing the Application for Accreditation;
  • Preparation for the Assessment;
  • Assessment;
  • Making a decision on Accreditation;
  • Assessments of CABs in the Accreditation cycle.



The accreditation process involves six phases:

P1: The applicant for Accreditation submits the completed Application for Accreditation to ATS with the accompanying documents requested in electronic form in the manner provided for by the Application.

P2: Upon submission of the complete documentation, ATS reviews the submitted Application and submitted documentation. The procedure for reviewing the Application for Accreditation determines the ability of ATS to perform the assessment of the CAB in terms of its own policy, competence and availability of appropriate resources. Also, the review includes the determination of ATS ability to timely perform the initial assessment of the applicant for Accreditation.

P3: In this phase ATS carries out assessment programming, designates a team of assessors, and conducts preliminary visit activities if requested by a CAB.

P4: The assessment process is carried out by the appointed assessment team through documentary review and assessment at the location of the CAB and/or locations where the CAB conducts conformity assessment activities. If nonconformities are found during the assessment, the conformity assessment body is obliged to eliminate them within the time stipulated by the Accreditation Rules. A verification of the elimination of nonconformity is carried out by the assessment team, which then forms a recommendation regarding accreditation.

P5: The decision on Accreditation is made by the Director of ATS based on the proposal of the Accreditation Committee. Based on the recommendation of the assessment team appointed, the Committee considers the case and gives a proposal for a decision on the Accreditation which is the basis for the final decision on Accreditation. After that, ATS issues the Decision on Accreditation and the Accreditation Certificate with the relevant Scope of Accreditation. The accredited CAB shall be provided with an Accreditation Symbol for use, the use of which is defined in the Rules for the Use of the Accreditation Symbol, Reference to Accreditation and Reference to the Status of ATS as Signatory of the EA MLA, ILAC MRA and IAF MLA Agreement, ATS-PA04.

P6: The accreditation cycle covers 4 years, during which ATS monitors whether the accredited CAB meets the requirements for Accreditation through the implementation of various activities (assessments, documentary review, etc.). In order to realize these activities, an Evaluation Program is formed which includes activities that will be undertaken by ATS in the Accreditation cycle. In order to renew Accreditation, reassessment is conducted.