Seminars in Zrenjanin and Kragujevac


Two-day seminars were held in Zrenjanin and Kragujevac within the EU funded Project entitled “Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia” in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, and they were

part of the awareness raising campaign (in Zrenjanin and Kragujevac in the period between 13th and 16th April 2010) promoting the importance of accreditation and conformity assessment. The seminar topic related to quality infrastructure – quality management systems.

The lecturers were as follows: Jelena Popović (Zrenjanin) and Kosa Rašković (Kragujevac), Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Natalija Jovičić Zarić, Accreditation Board of Serbia, Vitomir Fister, EC legal expert in charge of accreditation and conformity assessment issues as part of the national CARDS 2006 programme, Mihajlo Zozoli, Slovenian expert in quality management systems.
On the first day of the seminars in Zrenjanin and Kragujevac the following topics were presented: EU legal framework of quality infrastructure – free movement of goods and protection of public interest, relationship between the Law on General Safety of Products and regulations on technical requirements for certain groups of products, and the new EU methodology pertaining to the risk assessment as an instrument used on the occasion of the product development in the absence of standards and technical regulations.

The Ministry of Economy and Regional Development presented the new legal framework pertaining to the Law Technical Requirements for Products and Conformity assessment and sub-laws, while the ATS presented its role in the field of conformity assessment and reviewed the work of accredited certification bodies. A Slovenian expert spoke about the basic requirements in the field of quality management – effects of joining business processes, and experiences from Slovenia and good practice in the field of quality management system.

A large number of participants took part in the second day of the seminar that was designed as a round-table discussion. The representatives of accredited CABs, producers and clients using the services of CABs took part therein. They discussed about various issues, while the most frequent ones related to: implementation of the Regulation on the Mode of Recognition of Foreign Certificates and Conformity Marks (Snežana Matić answered the queries on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development), use of services of accredited CABs, difference between calibration and verification of measuring instruments from the clients’ point of view, certain requirements of ISO 9001, and problems occurring on the occasion of assessing certain requirements of this standard.

Zrenjanin seminar atmosphere