Seminars in Šabac and Pančevo


In the period between 09th and 12th March two-day seminars were held in Šabac and Pančevo within the EU funded Project entitled “Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia” in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, AFNOR Consortium, SIQ, DANAK, UL/FE/LMK and

Accreditation Board of Serbia which were supported by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, and they were part of the awareness raising campaign promoting the importance of accreditation and conformity assessment. The seminar topic related to quality infrastructure – environmental management system.

The aim of the project is to provide technical assistance to key institutions and bodies in the field of standardization, accreditation, metrology, and conformity assessment bodies in the Republic of Serbia. In addition to being educational and informative, seminars to be held in 11 cities throughout Serbia have a role to boost awareness raising on the importance of accreditation and conformity assessment in relation to the increase of competitiveness of Serbian economy, provision of free movement of goods on the market, maintenance of high level of protection of public interest such as health and safety, consumer protection and environmental protection.

Every seminar should show the necessity to harmonise the legislation of the Republic of Serbia with that of the EU by presenting the EU quality infrastructure legal framework and to help all those participating in the establishment of a modern system of quality infrastructure and internal market.
The lecturers were as follows: Vitomir Fister, EC legal expert in charge of accreditation and conformity assessment issues as part of the national CARDS 2006 programme – Technical assistance to quality infrastructure institutions in the Republic of Serbia, Rade Ostojić, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ljubica Živanić, Head of the Certification Department at the Accreditation Board of Serbia; Alojz Bitenc, Slovenian expert in environmental management system, and Marjanca Zornik, Slovenian expert in environmental management system.

On the first day of the seminar the following topics were presented: legal framework of quality infrastructure – free movement of goods and protection of public interest by means of technical regulations, standards, conformity assessment and accreditation; tasks of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in the field of environmental management – current prospects and future plans; role of the Accreditation Board of Serbia in the field of conformity assessment – past experiences of the ATS in the assessment of certification bodies and future activities, presentation of the EU legal framework in the field of environmental management – implementation-related experiences from Slovenia; presentation of the requirements of the new EMAS Regulation, and review of good practices in the field of environmental management – experiences form Slovenia.

On the second day of the seminar that was designed as a round-table discussion on the subject of future challenges and possible answers, there was a discussion about the differences between EMAS system and ISO 14001, and explanation of a small number of CABs having EMAS system, problems occurring during transport of hazardous waste due to insufficient quantities thereof, and solutions to waste disposal problem and energy savings.

Šabac seminar

Alojz Bitenc, Vitomir Fister, Ljubica Živanić, Marjanca Zornik and Rade Ostojić at Pančevo seminar

Ljubica Živanić, ATS