Annual seminar for ATS assessors


The annual seminar for assessors of the Accreditation Board of Serbia (ATS) was held on 22nd December in the premises of ATS. The seminar was attended by all lead and technical assessors of the ATS entered in the Register of Assessors and Technical Experts.

Every year experiences are traditionally exchanged between assessors and all existing dilemmas regarding application of ATS documents are resolved, interpretation of reference documents, and queries made by assessors are answered.

During the seminar revised management system documents related to the work of assessors were presented, while application of the revised forms used in the assessment procedures was explained. The Chairwoman of the Committee for the Selection and Monitoring of Assessor Performances, Biljana Tomić, presented the 2009 Annual Report of the Committee and highlighted the analysed observations on the work of assessors which were monitored by the representatives of the Committee throughout 2009.

The ATS Representatives announced upcoming amendments to documents that would be in accordance with amendments to ILAC and EA guidelines and documents in the following year.

A constructive discussion took place to resolve dilemmas in the implementation of new forms, experiences in performed assessments were exchanged and a series of constructive suggestions were given in order to be reviewed by the ATS and apply appropriately in the coming period.

Natalija Jovičić Zarić MSc, ATS Deputy Director