Regional Project for Quality Infrastructure - CARDS 2006 - HOT1


16th June 2008 - Representatives of national accreditation boards in the countries of Western Balkans region took part in the seminar intended for the employees of accreditation bodies as a part of Regional Quality Infrastructure Project - CARDS 2006 - HOT1 that was held in the period between 9th and 13th June in Prague, Czech Republic.

The seminar was organised by the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI), and the representatives of accreditation boards from the countries of Western Balkans region (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo (UNSCR 1244)) attended a five day seminar lectures pertaining to accreditation of medical laboratories (EN ISO 15189),  environmental sampling and testing laboratories (EN ISO 17025), accreditation of bodies for the certification of food safety management system, as well as a lecture on measurement uncertainties.

The seminar was realised with the aim of introducing the participants to the implementation of accreditation and assessment procedures, as well as the implementation of information technologies and establishment of Document Management System in the process of accreditation.
Apart from the lectures and practical exercises, this seminar will help develop and harmonise the procedures in the national accreditation boards of the countries that took part therein which are needed for the EU accession process and signing of the EA MLA.

Tanja Radović (ATCG), Sanela Avdagić Tanković (BATA), Jasna Stojanović (ATS), Dejan Krnjaić (ATS), Darko Bošnjak (HAA) and Dragica Križanec(HAA)

Milan Svoboda (CAI) and Vladimir Misha (Albania)

Darko Bošnjak (HAA), Dragica Križanec (HAA), Teodora Taševska (IARM), Ibush Luzha (Kosovo UNSCR 1244) and Martina Bernarova (CAI)

Jaroslav Mucha (CAI), Dragica Križanec (HAA) and Teodora Taševska (IARM)