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Notice: New editions of ATS documents

In the previous period, the Accreditation Body of Serbia made changes in the existing documents and published new editions of procedures and guidances, as follows:

  • ATS-PR13_Development, Establishment and Extension of accr. schemes_3-0_23.08.2021
  • ATS-PR16_Resolution and complaints_6-0_23.08.2021
  • ATS-PR18_Accreditation for designation (notification) purposes_1-0_16.08.2021
  • ATS-PR19_Evaluation of CAS_1-0_23.08.2021
  • ATS-UP01_List of documents containing requirements for accreditation_8-0_25.08.2021
  • ATS-UP02_Guidelines for formulating the scope of accreditation of the CAB_1-0_07.09.2021
  • ATS-UP 07_List of testing, calibration, inspection, certification codes, key words_4-0_15.08.2021
  • ATS-UP 21_Code of Assessors_2-0_16.08.2021
  • ATS-UP 23_Code of Experts for Accreditation Decision-making_1-0_16.08.2021
  • ATS-UP 25_ Accreditation of sampling activities_2-0_05.08.2021
  • ATS-UP 26 Guidelines for Accreditation of CBs in the Field of Organic Production__2-0_03.09.2021
  • ATS-UP ATS-UP 38_Determining locations, number of assessment days and necessary witnessing_3-0_16.08-2021 28_Accreditation of flexible scope_3-0_02.09.2021
  • ATS-UP 39_Guidance for assessment of PTP_1-0_07.09.2021
  • ATS-UP 41_Evaluation of CAS_2_0_23.08.2021
  • ATS-UP 42_Guidelines for application of ISOIEC 17020_ILAC P15_1-0_22.07.2020

These documents can be found on ATS website: HERE►

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