A traditional annual seminar for accredited CABs held on September 11, 2019

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A traditional annual seminar for accredited CABs called
"Accreditation and conformity assessment - WE ARE THE WORLD!" held on September 11, 2019

Accreditation Body of Serbia organized a seminar for accredited conformity assessment bodies in the monumental Kombank hall (former Dom Sindikata hall) on the Nikola Pasic Square in Belgrade. The seminar, called "Accreditation and Conformity Assessment - we are the world", was attended by approximately 600 guests, representatives of accredited conformity assessment bodies, relevant ministries and other renowned institutions of the University and faculties in our country.

        The great hall of Kombank hall


The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, PhD Vladimir Popovic welcomed all the attendees. He was pleased to say that, as far as our country is concerned, he had been involved in accreditation from its very beginnings.

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development,
PhD Vladimir Popovic, a member of the Accreditation Council


Prof. Aco Janicijevic, PhD, ATS Acting Director, presented the results of ATS performance from the previous year emphasizing an increase in the number of accredited bodies. The information from August this year shows that there are 620 of them at the moment. Additionally, with the increase in the number of newly accredited bodies, the number of leading and technical assessors and technical experts has also risen.

Mr. Janicijevic presented the number of training sessions realized for all assessors and experts highlighting how important those training sessions are. He also mentioned the bilateral meetings and cooperation agreements  that have been signed with countries in the region during 2019. Apart from the completed activities,  Prof. Aco Janicijevic, PhD, ATS Acting Director announced future activities as well as the new fields of accreditation:

  • accreditation of playgrounds’ inspection/certification activities according to the national regulation (the "Rulebook on children's playgrounds’ safety");
  •  TL / IB / CB accreditation in the area covered by the Law on construction products and related regulations;
  • accreditation in the area of ​qualified trusted services’ conformity assessment SRPS EN 319 403 V2.2.2 2016 for Electronic Signatures and Infrastructure (ESI);
  • accreditation in the area of ​​conformity assessment related to the application of the Law on the protection of personal data;
  •   accreditation of CB in the area covered by the Law on medical devices accreditation according to EN ISO 14065 - activities that shall conform to the regulator in this field;
  •  CB management system accreditation according to EN ISO 50001 – the closure of the initiated activities in accordance with the new version of the said standards;
  • accreditation of medical laboratories according to EN ISO 15189 + EN ISO 22870 including Point-of-care testing (POCT).

Prof. Aco Janicijevic, PhD, ATS Acting Director


ATS had the honor to welcome our special guests, the Head of the Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation) Aleksej Hersoncev (Alexey Khersontsev) and Elena Lebedinskaja (Lebedinskaya Elena Vladimirovna). They addressed the audience and shared their experiences in the areas of conformity assessment in the legislation of the Russian Federation where accreditation is mandatory. They also talked about the prospects for the development of the national accreditation body of Russia (Rosakreditacija) to promote successful regional cooperation.

Alexey Khersontsev and Lebedinskaya Elena Vladimirovna (RusAccreditation representatives),
MSc Natalija Jovicic Zaric and prof. Aco Janicijevic, PhD, ATS Acting Director


The previous year was marked by changes of the ISO/IEC 17011 standard, which is the basis for the   accreditation bodies’ performance. ATS made an effort to adjust its management system to the requirements of the amended standards and other binding EA, ILAC, and IAF documents to establish procedures that will increase the efficiency and quality of the services provided. Mrs. Ljiljana Markicevic, ATS, spoke about changes adopted in the system of ATS performance. Needless to say, this year has also been marked by the said changes and ATS has still been putting into a lot of effort to adjust to them.

Mrs. Ljiljana Markicevic, ATS


We have to know how to identify our weak spots in order to be better, more efficient and to continue achieving prolific results. Having analysed the conducted evaluation's results, ATS came to the conclusion regarding weak points in the conformity assessment bodies' management systems and shared it with the participants of the seminar. MSc Natalija Jovicic Zaric, ATS, spoke about the importance of identifying the weaknesses of a system aiming to enhance it and to achieve the desired improvements.

MSc Natalija Jovicic Zaric, ATS


MSc Milica Jovcic, the Head of Laboratory Department, spoke about internal audits and management review specifying that they are tools conformity assessment bodies must use to confirm they have established an effective management system fulfilling primary objectives and satisfactory performance.

MSc Milica Jovcic, ATS


It happens more often than not that we hear the word “risk“. Ivan Gagic, ATS, talked about risks and risk management in terms of inspection and accreditation-related certification procedures

Ivan Gagic, ATS


Branka Rakonjac, ATS, talked about whether the accredited CABs report on the results correctly, as well as how to apply the declaration of agreement and what the statement must include. She also mentioned the opinions and interpretations together with the appropriate use of the accreditation symbol.

Branka Rakonjac, ATS


We live in turbulent times in which changes are inevitable. Consequently,  it is necessary to adapt to them to achieve our goals. The changes in human resources affect the preservation of conformity assessment bodies’ competence.  Aleksandar Dragicevic, ATS, talked about changes and facing the challenges of modern times.

Aleksandar Dragicevic, ATS


The accreditation presents a way to restore confidence in the market products and services.  Together with standardization and metrology, it makes and develops quality infrastructure as a framework for improving the safety and quality of industrial products in the market, consumer protection and other public interests in the Republic of Serbia with the full support of the Ministry of Economy in the integration of the Serbian economy in the single European Union market.

ATS welcomes all the accreditated bodies, assessors, experts, representatives of ministries and other   institutions of the quality infrastructure system.

Alexey Khersontsev and Lebedinskaya Elena Vladimirovna (RusAccreditation representatives),
MSc Natalija Jovicic Zaric and prof. Aco Janicijevic, PhD, ATS Acting Director