International conference on accreditation of medical laboratories

Announcement of events

The Clinical Centre Of Serbia - Center for Medical Biochemistry and the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) will organise the first international conference on medical laboratory accreditation entitled „1ST CONFERENCE ON MEDICAL LABORATORY ACCREDITATION AND QUALITY SYSTEMS: EUROPEAN ANSWERS“(CLAQ) under the auspices of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), The European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) and the European Society of Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Therapy (ESPT). The conference will be held at the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade on 20th and 21st April 2017. Twenty-five distinguished lecturers will participate in the conference. Expected number of attendees is 250.

This international conference is designed to address the educational and professional needs of experts in the field of laboratory medicine, directors of hospitals and private laboratories, engineers, technicians and participants in quality management and accreditation of medical laboratories. It will provide an opportunity for participants from Serbia and South-Eastern Europe to get educated in the field of accreditation as well as to share their experiences with the experts in the field (members of the Working Group Health Care, within the Laboratory Committee of European co-operation for Accreditation as well as recognized experts from medical laboratories from Europe and the region.

The agenda is focused on practical aspects of application of ISO 15189 standard, advantages, critical points, uniform application of the concept of accreditation, the importance of medical laboratories accreditation (enclosed programme). Representatives of the Balkan countries will present their achievements in the process of medical laboratory accreditation. Attendees will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with ISO 22870 standard, related to point of care testing and accreditation of medical laboratories which support programmes of point of care testing. The conference agenda encompasses a range of lectures, discussions and round tables.

We are convinced that the conference will be the first of many ensuing ones which will serve as a support to medical laboratory accreditation with a view to improving the quality of work in laboratories according to the highest standards of professional and technical competence and having patients’ well-being at heart.

Ceremonial opening of the conference will take place on Thursday, 20th April at 12 in Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge.

All interested parties are kindly requested to apply for participation to the technical organiser of the conference Tca Travel agency until 13th April at the latest on following phone numbers 011-3238-514; 011-3238-705; 063-300-719 or email