International activities

After it signed in 2012 ILAC MRA, within the frame of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) in the field of calibration, testing (including medical laboratories) and inspection, and (IAF MLA) of the International Accreditation Forum – IAF in the field of certification of products and certification of management systems (for subfields included in the contract: certification of the quality management system  according to the standard ISO 9001, i.e. SRPS ISO 9001 and certification system for managing the environmental protection in accordance to ISO 14001, i.e. SRPS ISO 14001), Accreditation Body of Serbia ATS continued to extend the scope of its’ activities and signed a new IAF MLA agreement in the field of the certification of persons, which was confirmed by the resolution number 2016-22, adopted during the annual ILAC and IAF meeting held in New Delhi, India, in the period from 26th October to 4th November 2016.

The signing of the new IAF MLA agreement became possible after the IAF General Assembly adopted the decision about extension of the multilateral agreement within the field of the certification of persons in the regional group i.e. European co-operation for accreditation (EA). Using this opportunity 22 accreditation bodies  (AA, ACCREDIA, ATS, BELAC, CAI, COFRAC, DakkS, DANAK, ENAC, ESYD, FINAS, IPAC, NA, PCA, RENAR, RvA, SA, SAS, SNAS, SWEDAC, TURKAK UKAS),which were the signatories of EA MLA agreements for the certification of persons, became signatories for  the new fields of the IAF MLA Agreement. The Agreement was signed by Aco Janicijevic PhD, ATS Acting Director, on behalf of Accreditation Body of Serbia.

ATS, for the first time, signed EA MLA with European co-operation for accreditation (EA) on the subject of accreditation recognition on 24th May 2012 of EA General Assembly in Madrid and that applies to the following: testing laboratories, medical laboratories, calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, and certification bodies for product certification. After the successful peer evaluation by EA, ATS signed a new EA MLA Agreement on May 2014, which beside the fields of examination including medical laboratories, calibration, inspection and product certification, included the certification of management systems and the certification of persons.