An interactive workshop on the importance of participation in PT schemes and ILCs

Current events

The workshop entitled “Organisation, conducting and statistical evaluation of proficiency tests based on ISO 17043” was organised for the purpose of further checking of the needs for traceability in chemical and medical measurements, and environmental measurements as part of the activities of the “Support of the Quality Infrastructure in Sebia” project established between the QI Sector, Ministry of Economy, on one hand and German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ) and German Metrology Institute, PTB, on the other hand. The training was delivered by Tin Win PhD at the premises of the Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals in the period between 27th and 28th May 2014.

The importance of participation in PT schemes and inter-laboratory comparisons was discussed during this interactive workshop, whereas presentations were given to include examples related to organisation and statistical evaluation of PT provider data in the field of physicochemical testing.

The following ATS representatives attended the workshop: Ljiljana Markićević, Ljubinka Gligić PhD, Azra Redžepović and Aleksandra Nikolić.

Tin Win PhD, workshop coordinator, visited ATS on 30th May 2014 when he had a meeting with ATS Acting Director, Jasna Stojanović, to confirm his understanding of and support to ATS endeavours in the area relating to assistance to and provision of information to CABs as regards PT activities and activities that had been undertaken to develop a PT provider accreditation scheme. Moreover, it was proposed to continue cooperation as part the project activities.

Tin Win PhD ith ATS representatives