EA-LC/WG ILC’s calibration meeting

International activities

15th meeting of the EA-LC/WG ILC’s calibration was held in the period between 10th May and 12th May 2011 in Warsaw. It was organised by the National Accreditation Body of Poland (PCA), and it was presided by Martin Czaske, DAkkS.

The meeting presented the status of the current PT activities and regional inter-laboratories comparisons organised this year (roughness, torsion, power, sound, pressure). A review of a five-year plan of regional inter-laboratory comparisons was presented, while a proposal of inter-laboratory comparisons was adopted and those ILCs will start next year.

Furthermore, use of key comparisons was reviewed in order to support the EA and WG ILC’s calibration.

The list of PT providers was presented and the contact persons were delegated a task to propose potential providers from their countries. The biggest problem is a small number of accredited PT providers in the field of calibration.

The idea referring to harmonised description of accreditation scopes and calibration laboratories CMC was presented.

Representatives of accredited calibration laboratories and PCA technical assessors also attended the meeting on the last day.

Arnold Leitner, BEV/EURAMET, presented the structure and basic activities of the EURAMET, European metrology development programme, and a system of key comparisons and EURAMET technical documentation, while Gabriel Boisson, COFRAC, presented the accreditation procedure as regards calibration laboratories in France.

Aleksandra Nikolić attended the EA-LC/WG ILC’s calibration meeting on behalf of the ATS.