New lift regulations and requirements


In the period between 9th and 12th November 2010, seminars were held as part of the EU funded Project entitled “Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia” and in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development. The seminars were held...

at the premises of Serbian Chamber of Commerce (first two days) and Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina (last two days) on the subject of Quality infrastructure – new lift regulations and requirements and their effect on building design and maintenance.

The following topics were presented on the first day:
- EU legal framework of quality infrastructure (lecturer: Vitomir Fister, EC Legal Expert in charge of accreditation and conformity assessment issues as part of the national CARDS 2006 programme).
- Technical legislation – new legal framework in Serbia (lecturer: Nikola Mirković, MoERD)
- Role of the Accreditation Body in the field of conformity assessment – (lecturer: Ljubica Živanić, Head of the ATS Certification Department)
- EU legal framework governing lift safety (lecturers Mirko Đapić PhD, expert in New Approach – lift safety, and Vojko Koron, Slovenian expert in New Approach – lift safety).

Mr Zoran Bakić, MoERD, that presented the draft sub-law on lifts and Ms Natalija Jovičić Zarić, ATS Deputy Director, joined the team of lecturers on the second day.