ESYD's assessors visited the Accreditation Board of Serbia


Dr Vagelis Bakeas and Dr Chistors Mitsas, assessors of the Greek accreditation body, ESYD, visited the Accreditation Board of Serbia as part of the Project entitled “Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia”.

Topics of this five-day visit covered inter-laboratory comparisons and PT schemes, and exchange of experiences between the two accreditation bodies in the assessment of testing and calibration laboratories.

The importance of laboratory participation in inter-laboratory comparisons and PT schemes was highlighted once again, and it was necessary to discuss harmonisation of PT scheme participation as per the document entitled EA-4/18, Guidance on the level and frequency of proficiency testing participation of June 2010, and to define sub-disciplines of testing/calibration in order to be able to implement policy related to frequency of participation in relevant schemes.

This visit was an incentive to organise a joint meeting with the ATS Stack Emission Task Force. Namely, the Task Force was established within the ATS the key task of which was to provide professional assistance with putting in place a scheme for the assessment as per SRPS EN/TS 15675, Air quality – Measurements of stationary source emissions – Application of EN ISO IEC 17025 to periodic measurements. This implies that assessment guides and guidelines for the description of accreditation should be produced. The said Task Force is composed of the following representatives of interested parties: accredited CABs, respective ministry and a representative of the Laboratory Technical Committee.

Follow-up activities will take place in the period between 30.08.2010 and 03.09.2010.