15th session of the Management Board

Document Amendments

10th October 2008 - 15th session of the Management Board was held at the ATS premises on Monday, 6th October.  As always, the session was chaired by prof. dr Slobodan D. Petrović, Chairman of the Board.

The following members of the Management Board attended the session: Dr Lazar Turubatović, Bogoljub Simonović, BSc in Electrical Engineering, Kosa Rašković, MSc, Dejan Stoiljković, BSc in Electrical Engineering, and Dr Dejan Krnjaić, ATS Director.

One of the documents that were discussed, and hence adopted, on this occasion was the new Regulation on the Organisation and Systematisation with the Accreditation Board of Serbia. It lays down the new and modern organisational structure with the aim of harmonising and improving the quality of work and efficiency level. On the occasion of the forthcoming visit of the European Accreditation Organisation within the “peer evaluation” process the Accreditation Board wished to harmonise the organisational system and accreditation procedure with standard 17011, and all other recommendations and guidelines of international bodies like EA, IAF and ILAC.