Information related to Acceptable Traceability of Measurements


2nd June 2008 - Pursuant to accreditation rules and requirements for conformity assessment organisations the Accreditation Board of Serbia put in place the Rules for Acceptable Traceability of Measurements, ATS-11-12-00-00.

Requirements for acceptable traceability of measurements must be met by accreditation applicants, and accredited organisations performing conformity assessment activities in the system of accreditation in Serbia.

Pursuant to Article 36 of the Law on Metrology (“Official Journal of Serbia & Montenegro”, No. 44/2005), organisations that were issued a temporary Notice by the Yugoslav Accreditation Board, i.e. Accreditation Board of Serbia & Montenegro, relating to the inspection of work reference specimens, measures or samples of reference materials, and that were accredited pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Units of Measurement and Measures (“Official Journal of SRY”, Nos. 80/94, 83/94, 28/96 and 12/98) which enabled them to provide those services as of 30th June 2006.

Accordingly, these organisations cannot be considered accredited and measure regularity certificates and similar documents issued on the basis of temporary notices cannot be considered to give sufficient evidence on acceptable traceability of measurement.