ATS as a signatory of the EA MLA agreement in the field of PT providers – document EA-INF/03

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The European co-operation for accreditation (EA), has published on its website that the revised document EA-INF/03 has been released, in which you can see the new status of ATS as a signatory to the EA MLA Agreement in the field of Proficiency Testing Providers (PTP).

You can download the document HERE

We would like to remind you that in the period from 15.11.2021 to 24.11.2021, ATS was subject to the peer evaluation where a decision was issued confirming that ATS remains a signatory to the EA MLA in the field of calibration (EN ISO/IEC 17025), testing (EN ISO/IEC 17025), including medical testing (EN ISO 15189), inspection (EN ISO/IEC 17020), management system certification (EN ISO/IEC 17021-1), product, process and service certification (EN ISO/IEC 17065) and person certification (EN ISO/IEC 17024).

Also, EA MAC confirmed that ATS is in compliance with all relevant requirements in the field of PT providers as well as, whereby ATS extended the scope of its activity to the field of PT providers (EN ISO/IEC 17043), which is confirmed by the Decision of EA MAC, valid from 15.10.2022.

You can read more about this HERE