The adoption of new and amendments to the existing ATS documents


The adoption of new and amendments to the existing ATS documents

In the previous period, the Accreditation Body of Serbia adopted several documents, but also amendments to existing documents, as follows:

  • the amended Rules ATS-PA05, rules of cross-frontier Accreditation, complied with the mandatory document EA-2/13 M: 2019, EA Cross Border Accreditation Policy and Procedure for Cross Border Cooperation between EA Members were adopted. The EA document also contains answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the application of the document, which can be found on the ATS website.
  • the amended guidance document entitled Accreditation of  Flexible Scope of Accreditation ATS-UP28 was adopted; the document is in accordance with the mandatory document EA-2/15 M: 2019, EA Requirements for the Accreditation of Flexible Scope;
  • the document ATS-UP41, Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes was developed; this guidance applies to the evaluation of conformity assessment schemes to determine their suitability for the intended use and accreditation. It also defines the Report on the Evaluation of the Conformity Assessment Scheme, formed by the owner of the conformity assessment scheme prior to establishing contact with ATS.

All documents can be found on the ATS website:

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