EA-INF/17:2020 Register of EA resolutions for use by EA, National Accreditation Bodies and EA evaluators published

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The European Accreditation Organization (EA) published the document EA-INF/17:2020 Register of EA resolutions for use by the EA, National Accreditation Bodies and EA evaluators on its website on January 6, 2020. This document contains a register of all relevant EA resolutions that have not been transferred in EA documents but that are still valid for conformity assessment bodies, national accreditation bodies, and evaluators.

According to the rules of the EA-1/17 document, the EA members are obliged to abide by the decisions of the General Assembly and the Multilateral Agreement Council (MAC). Most of the decisions taken by the General Assembly - expressed as EA resolutions - are implemented in EA documents, but some of them are only set out in the resolutions of the EA.

The decisions/requirements covered in EA documents as well as EA resolutions are published on the EA’s website. The document entitled EA-INF/01 List of EA Publications and International Documents contains all documents relevant for EA and its members.

The EA peer evaluation system ensures that the implementation of these decisions/requirements is monitored. In order to ensure that all EA decisions/requirements not covered in EA documents are implemented by the EA members and by the peer evaluation system, EA has created this register of all relevant resolutions that must be applied in the accreditation process. In spite of not being transferred in EA documents, they are still valid.

This document also covers the resolutions that are only relevant for EA. That being said, they are not relevant for the accreditation bodies.

All EA relevant resolutions from 2010 up to the present day are contained in this document that can be downloaded from the following link: