EA LC Train-the-Trainer Workshop on ISO 15189:2012 was held

Current events

EA LC Train-the-Trainer Workshop on ISO 15189:2012 was held in the period between 24th and 25th June 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

SAS, UKAS and FINAS lecturers gave presentations on the comparison between these two editions of ISO 15189 - ISO 15189:2007 and ISO 15189:2012.

Feedback on the questionnaire that seminar delegates completed and sent prior to the seminar was presented on day 1, and this was followed by the presentation on changes to the new version of ISO 15189 (ISO 15189:2012), Parts 4 and 5. A workshop was organised in the second half of day 1 and on day 2 when the delegates provided a detailed description of the said standard clauses  and answers to the following questions: what’s new, i.e. differences between the new version of the standard and the previous one, what documents a laboratory needs to have and implement for a specific requirement, what evidence needs to be presented as regards fulfilment of the requirements of the standard, how to plan assessments and what has to be assessed in case of a particular requirement of the standard, and what important data need to be covered by the Assessment Report.

Ljiljana Markićević, Head of the Laboratory Department, and Ljubinka Gligić PhD, Senior Adviser, attended the seminar on behalf of ATS.