Board of the Association of Accredited CABs held its third meeting

Current events

Members of the Board of Association of Accredited CABs joined, at their third meeting, the endeavours of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) to appeal to all companies to help flood-stricken areas.

The Board appealed to all accredited CABs not to charge health and hygienic testing of food and water or to reduce prices in flood-stricken areas.

Jasna Stojanović, ATS Acting Director, emphasised that everyone should do their best to facilitate the operation of CABs in flood-stricken areas. She also stressed the importance of well established accreditation system and harmonised quality control which was a condition for Serbia to become a WTO or EU member.

Vida Živković MSc, director of the Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, took part in the work of the Board of the Association of Accredited CABs when she amphasised that the focus in 21st century was on other areas, primarily food and water safety and ecology.

It was decided during this meeting that the CB Group and Metrology Group would be established.

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