New activities of the Association of Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies

Current events

Board of the Association of Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) adopted, at its first meeting, its Rules of Procedure, reviewed the programme guidance document, whereas an initiative was launched to establish groups that would underpin indirect networking of members of the Association given the specific scopes of accreditation. Snježana Pupavac MSc was elected as the Board Chair of this newly established Association of Accredited CABs, while prof. Aleksandar Petrović PhD was elected as the Vice Chair thereof.

Vidosava Džagić, Vice Chair of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, participated in the first Board meeting given that she deems that accredited CABs are an important factor when it comes to the development of the Serbian Quality Infrastructure. The quality infrastructure makes, in the process of globalisation of international economy, a basis for the development of national and international trade and is an important factor of environmental protection, consumer health and safety.

Members of the new Association can achieve horizontal networking with members of other associations from different sectors of economy for the purpose of active participation in the creation of sector specific policies as regards quality and conformity assessment.

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