EA-LC/WG ILC’s calibration meeting held

International activities

20th meeting of the EA-LC/WG ILC’s calibration was held in the period between 28.10.2013 and 29.10.2013 in Oslo, Norway, and it was organised by the Norwegian Accreditation Body (Norwegian Accreditation, NA). The meeting was chaired by Martin Czaske, WG Coordinator.

Status of the current PT activities and regional inter-laboratory comparisons was presented in line with the plan that had been defined in the previous period. Simona Klenovska, representative of the Czech Metrology Institute accredited as per ISO/IEC 17043, attended the meeting given in order to present the results of the PT scheme in the field of accelerometry (Calibration Laboratory of the Technical Test Centre, TOC, participated in this PT scheme).

A five-year plan for regional inter-laboratory comparisons was revised and a proposed list of inter-laboratory comparisons and PT activities was adopted. Protocols submitted by PT providers were thoroughly analysed and these related to planned PT activities.

PT providers for certain fields of calibration were selected, while the commencement of the following PT activities is planned for 2014: platinum resistance thermometers, AC power, flow, capacitance and inductance, pressure balance, thermocouple, DC resistance.

Torsion and S parameters protocols were proposed.

Accreditation bodies will be able to propose for certain number of calibration laboratories to participate therein.

The list of potential PT providers was updated and will be made available to calibration laboratories.

It was proposed that accreditation bodies should cooperate with representatives of national metrology institutes.

The participants were delegated a task to determine the number of laboratories in the field of  calibration of volume measuring instruments (pipettes) given that a protocol for this PT activity remained to be defined.

A joint meeting with representatives of testing laboratories was held on 29.10.2013 when it was necessary to review options related to provision of information from PT providers on laboratories having negative PT scheme results (to be organised by EA) so that accreditation bodies could evaluate adequacy of corrective actions.

Aleksandra Nikolić attended the meeting on behalf of ATS.