Execution of the Accreditation Cooperation Agreement


On Wednesday, 26th January a joint meeting of the representatives of the ABs from Montenegro (ATCG), Bosnia & Herzegovina (BATA), FYR of Macedonia (IARM) and ATS was held at the ATS premises as laid down in the previously signed the Accreditation Cooperation Agreement.

2011 Cooperation Programme was defined during the meeting and the cooperation will be ensured through accreditation information, experience and documentation exchange; joint organisation of seminars and conferences (it was anticipated that a workshop dedicated to definition of competence criteria for assessors and experts would be held in 2011 when Quality Managers, chairmen and/or members of the assessment committees and experts of all signatories would take active participation therein); mutual training of staffs; exchange of assessors and technical experts in order to get introduced to the on-site accreditation process; performance of joint assessments as observers during assessments will be performed by any of the parties signatories to the Cooperation Programme especially when extension to the scope is concerned or development of the new schemes of accreditation and joint participation in inter-laboratory comparisons.

The plan was to have the second meeting this year in Ohrid in the second half of June.

Žarko Petrović (BATA), Trpe Ristoski (IARM), Dejan Krnjaić (ATS) and Ranko Nikolić (ATCG)