New accreditations granted in September 2009

Current events

On 17th September 2009 the Accreditation Board of Serbia made decisions on accreditation for one calibration laboratory, two testing laboratories and two inspection bodies. A series of decisions on accreditation maintenance, extension to scope, and on accreditation scope reduction were made, and one decision on accreditation renewal and one decision on accreditation cancelling. 

Accreditations were granted to the following calibration laboratory:
“VEKOM” D.O.O. (limited liability company), Calibration Laboratory, Belgrade,
to testing laboratories: Mining Institute, Solid Fuel Laboratory, Zemun and  “LAB PROVA” D.O.O. (limited liability company), Belgrade, and to the following inspection bodies ENERGOTOK DOO, Belgrade and Export Trade Company “BACCO“ D.O.O (limited liability company), Belgrade.

Public Agricultural Service Dairy Institute in New Belgrade renewed its accreditation.

A decision on accreditation cancelling was made for the inspection body “KOKOTOVIĆ” D.O.O. (limited liability company), Velika Plana.