New Accreditations Were Granted in March

Current events

In early March 2009 the Accreditation Board of Serbia made decisions to grant accreditation to five testing laboratories and an inspection body. A series of decisions on the maintenance of accreditation, enlargement to accreditation scope was made, and decisions on the renewal of accreditation and suspension of accreditation.

Accreditations were granted to the following testing laboratories:

-  Institute of Public Health Kikinda, Laboratory Testing Department;
- INTER-MOST AD, Central Testing Laboratory, Belgrade;
- Clinical Centre of Serbia, Institute for Occupational Health and Radiological Protection “Dr Dragomir Karajović”, Radioecology Department, Belgrade;
- Scientific Institution Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade

and to an inspection body:


The following bodies renewed their accreditation:

- INS “VINČA”, Laboratory for Chemical Dynamics and Permanent Education, WU Chemical Dynamics, Belgrade;
- INS “VINČA”, Laboratory for Radio Isotopes, Quality Control, Belgrade,
- Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, Laboratory for Packaging Material,
-  INS “VINČA”, Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics GAMA, Belgrade,
- SI-SAFETY INSTITUTE, Electronics Department, Laboratory for the Measurement of Radio Frequency Disturbances, Belgrade, for testing activities.

A decision was made to suspend accreditation in full for “Kokotović” doo (Ltd), Velika Plana, for inspection activities.

All details about accredited bodies can be found in the Register of Accredited Bodies - not yet available in English.