4 new accreditations granted in October

Current events

In October the Accreditation Board of Serbia decided to grant accreditations to two testing laboratories and two inspection bodies. A series of decisions on accreditation maintenance, extension to scope, and on accreditation renewal were made. 

Accreditations were granted to the following testing laboratories:

- Cattle Breeding and Veterinary Centre for Reproduction and Artificial Insemination of Domestic Animals, Belgrade - Krnjača;
- TEMPO GAS d.o.o. (limited liability company), Testing Laboratory, Belgrade,

and to the following inspection bodies:

- VI VUNIL AD, Leskovac, and
- “SRBIJAAUTOPUT” A.D. (joint-stock company) Belgrade.

The following two bodies renewed their accreditation:

- Institute for Application of Nuclear Energy, “INEP”, Testing Laboratory, Belgrade, and
- Institute for Material Testing, Material Laboratory, Belgrade
for testing activities.

All details about accredited bodies can be found in the Register of Accredited Bodies.