ATS in a study visit to TURKAK to strengthen cooperation in the implementation of digital technology in the accreditation process

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The Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) conducted a successful study visit to the Turkish Accreditation Body (TURKAK), in Ankara, Turkey (07.08.2023), in order to achieve better cooperation between the two countries in the field of application of digital systems in the accreditation processes This visit marked an essential step towards the improvement of accreditation and standardization in Serbia through the exchange of experiences and visions.

The meetings were attended by the Director of the Accreditation Body of Serbia, Dragan Pušara, M.Sc. and the Secretary General of TURKAK, Mrs. Banu Müderrisoğlu.

As part of this study visit, the delegation from ATS had the opportunity to learn about advanced technical solutions and digital systems used by the Turkish Accreditation Body.
ATS representatives were impressed by the efficiency and transparency of the accreditation process that TURKAK successfully implemented through digitalization.

This exchange of experiences allowed the Serbian delegation to gain a deeper insight into the best practices and technologies that could be applied to improve accreditation processes in Serbia.

One of the main goals of this visit was to strengthen mutual cooperation between ATS and TURKAK. Both sides emphasized their willingness to further intensify the exchange of knowledge and expertise in order to improve accreditation standards and achieve greater convergence between the practices of the two countries.

In addition, the delegations discussed the possibilities of joint projects and initiatives that could contribute to the further development of accreditation and standardization in this field.

Mr. Dragan Pušara, MSC, expressed satisfaction with the results of this study visit and emphasized the importance of continuous cooperation between the two countries in the field of implementation of digital systems in accreditation processes. He also pointed out that the acquired experience and knowledge will be valuable in the further improvement of the accreditation process in Serbia. The director of ATS thanked his colleagues from TURKAK, stating that TURKAK’s digitalization process is extremely advanced and functional and that the visit to Ankara was beneficial in many ways.

This study visit marks the beginning of long-term cooperation between the Serbian accreditation body and the Turkish accreditation body, providing a solid basis for future initiatives and projects in the field of accreditation and standardization, as well as contributing to strengthening the quality and integrity of the accreditation process in both countries.