ATS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ESYD 

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A bilateral meeting between ATS and the Accreditation Body of the Hellenic Republic (ESYD) was held in Belgrade on May 20th, 2022 on the premises of the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS).

On behalf of ATS, Mr. Konstantinos Kourtalis, Chairman of ESYD, was hosted by Prof. Aco Janjićijević, PhD, Acting Director of ATS, with his associates.

During the bilateral meeting of Prof. Aco Janjićijević, PhD introduced Mr. Konstantinos Kourtalis with the work, activities and future plans of ATS. Representative of accreditation bodies were reminded of their successful cooperation that they have nurtured in previous years, participating in the work of international accreditation organizations EA, IAF and ILAC, as well as participation in international projects. 

The topic of the bilateral meeting was the mutual study visits of the representatives of the accreditation bodies, in order to get acquainted with the way of working in the collegial accreditation body and the way of assessment related to different types of accreditation.

The key topic of the meeting was discussion on the draft MoU between ESYD and ATS, as well as its signing.
The purpose of this Memorandum between the two accreditation bodies is to ensure mutual cooperation in various aspects of the accreditation process. 

After the meeting, the director of ATS and chairman of ESYD signed a MoU in order to express satisfaction with the recent study visit of ATS representatives to ESYD, which will be realized within the IPA 2017 project ‘’EU FOR SERBIA - SUPPORT FOR SAFER PRODUCTS“.

                                Prof.  Aco Janjićijević, Acting Director of ATS with Mr. Konstantinos Kourtalis, Chairman of ESYD


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