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n the previous period, the Accreditation Body of Serbia made changes to the existing documents and published new editions of documents, namely:

- ATS-PA02, Rules for participation in proficiency testing programs and inter-laboratory comparisons, 4/0 from 27.07.2021
- ATS-PA03, Rules for obtaining metrological traceability of measurement results, 4/0 from 27.07.2021
- ATS-PA04, Rules for the use of accreditation symbol, reference to accreditation and ATS status as a signatory to the EA MLA, ILAC MRA and IAF MLA, 6/0 from 28.07.2021
- ATS-PA05, Rules of cross-frontier accreditation, 4/1 from 27.07.2021
- ATS-PA07, Rules for the use of the mark (logo) of ATS, 2/0 from 28.07.2021
- ATS-PA08, ATS Scope of activity, 2/0 from 05.08.2021


These documents can be found on the ATS website: HERE►



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