The video named “What is EA“ released by the EA

International activities

EA released the video called “What is EA” on their website on October 21, 2019.

The purpose of this video that can be found on the following link is to make the wider audience familiar with accreditation and EA activities by sending them a simplified message.

More often than not, the term accreditation may sound rather complicated, especially to those that are not part of the accreditation world. Additionally, it may seem quite vague to the citizens encountering accreditation-related activities without even being aware of it.

EA firmly believes that the end-users such as regulators, industry, and consumers should be able to understand the role of accreditation a well as its benefits.

Thanks to EA, accreditations, and certificates are harmonized within the European borders. As a consequence, users have access to safer and high-quality products and services including food, toys, electric appliances, cars, etc. The video transmits the message in the right way.