New Procedure for the Selection of Assessors Adopted

Document Amendments

On 11th February the Accreditation Board of Serbia (ATS) adopted two new procedures: Selection of Assessors and Technical Experts and Performance Monitoring, and Training for Assessors, Information Seminar for ATS Technical Experts and Training of ATS Employees.

During accreditation process the ATS hires assessors with proper educational background, competence and relevant experience in the areas they assess, i.e. in conformity assessment activities the applicant applied for, and relevant training courses for assessors as participants of the accreditation system.

If, during accreditation of certain specific conformity assessment activities, the ATS does not have assessors and technical experts with relevant competence and educational background to perform those activities, it shall hire experts with adequate knowledge and experience and those shall perform assessment activities and technical expertise as members of the ATS team of assessors with the aim of ensuring resources needed for the assessment of conformity assessment bodies (CABs).

Those assessors and technical experts may come from the pool of the ATS permanent employees or the ATS may be supported by external assessors and technical experts (by means of a contract).

This document lays down the functions of assessment teams, selection criteria, job application process, and training of assessors and technical experts; assessment to confirm whether the criteria for the selection thereof have been met, appointment and entering in the Directory of Assessors and Technical Experts; monitoring of their performance when carrying out assessment activities during accreditation process; professional development and upgrading; records to be kept on assessors and technical experts; method of their removal from the Directory, relationship between the ATS and assessors and technical experts, and requirements as regards conflict of interests.

Selection of Assessors and Technical Experts and Performance Monitoring